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Have you taken a California Superbike School?  If not you may want to visit the website.  Just click on the "CSS" in the upper left on any page of this site.  If you have taken a school or worked as a corner worker for us before, we differently want you as a California Superbike School Corner Worker!

That's Keith Code in case you didn't recognize him.  You can click on him now and learn more about the man!  He runs the California Superbike School and that's a demanding, but rewarding job.  That's the message to all of you that are interested in being a CSS Corner worker.  If you meet the demands, there are rewards, but please only commit if you can absolutely do the work!

CSS Corner Workers are vital to our success.  They not only keep the racetrack safer; they help the students to learn the drills.  Do you remember when you rode the track, those guys on the inside of the track holding that yellow flag?  Well, most corner workers show or wave flags to signal the riders about issues of safety like a crashed rider.  Our Corner Workers handle safety and communicate how well the riders/students are doing the drills.  They communicate by handheld radio to the CSS staff or to the students with a blue flag.  No one else implements their corner workers like we do.  That's why we prefer to use past CSS students as our corner workers, so they know the drills.  If you haven't taken a school, you can still be a corner worker with us!  If you are willing to earn your track time, then apply by e-mailing a Head corner worker.  You may want to hurry the rosters will fill up quickly!